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To become a Raven member, please read our Raven Membership Agreement, which spells out your rights and responsibilities.

As a Raven member, you agree to let us draft $600 a month from your business account. For that monthly fee, you get unlimited access to Raven’s EHR sandboxes (just give us 15 days’ notice if you decide to leave the program) and will be seen by the hundreds to thousands of safety net providers in our network.

For that fee, you will also receive sandbox technical support, be able to hold sales demos for potential clients, test new features, and appear in our webinar series on solutions vendors.

You recognize that CCI’s Raven is an impartial research party and does not invest in or profit from the sale of any vendor solution. You also agree to promptly get in touch with and answer questions from any potential clients who contact you through Raven.

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